Annual statutory audits as required for Companies (public and private), Bodies Corporate, Pension and Retirement Funds.

Special purpose audits as may be required by the clients.


Annual statutory Accounting Officers duties for Close Corporations and Trusts.

Preparation of monthly Accounting and Management accounts.

Taxation – Company & Individual

Completion and submission of annual income tax returns for Companies, Close Corporations, Trusts and Individuals.

Administration of provisional taxes for Companies, Close Corporations, Trusts and Individuals.

Attending to statutory registrations for Income Tax, Employee’s Tax, Unemployment Insurance Fund, Workmen’s Compensation and Value-Added Tax.

Appointment of Public Officers.

Attending to rudimentary tax queries and dealing with resultant objections.

Correlation of data and completion of IRP5 certificates for submission to SARS.

Preparation and submission of returns to SARS for dividend declarations.

Company Secretarial

Formation of Companies and Close Corporations.

Completion and submission of annual CIPRO returns.

Safe custody of Company and Close Corporation founding documentation.

Share transfers, allotments and issues.

Appointment and resignation of directors and members.

Changes of names for Companies and Close Corporations.

Preparation and lodgement of resolutions.

Preparation and maintenance of statutory registers.